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In-site Search Engine.

Looking for in-site search engine without Ads? Try Lookin in 20 minutes!



34 Languages

Our crawler automatically detects 34 languages and generates best matching index for your website.

Start in 20 mins

Setup is really easy. Just confirm your domain, put JavaScript tag, and you're all set! We also provides REST API for professionals.

No Ads

Visitors will enjoy your contents without seeing any Ads. Keep visitors in your website to increase conversion.

Use Cases

Make Any Website Searchable

Drop-in Search for Static Websites

Using Amazon S3 static website hosting, or GitHub Pages?

Does your website / developer docs lives in static hosting service such as S3 or GitHub Pages?
Just place our JavaScript snippet and let your customers search your contents!


Many E-Commerce companies invest a lot in product search, but does it cover non-product pages such as blog articles and press releases?
Lookin will enable to search entire website with just a few clicks!

Separately Rendered Contents

In a situation when your contents are rendered separately on desktop / mobile.

Our crawler defaults to index responsive contents, but sometimes contents are rendered separately in mobile and desktop, for optimized experience on visitor's device.

If that's your case, you could let crawler to index the same URL with different user-agent so that visitors using desktop browser will never see a search result which only exist for mobile.

How it works

Really Easy Setup

  • 1
    Create Your Account

    Open our app and let's create your account!

  • 2
    Authorize Your Domain

    Put verification HTML in your hosting server to authorize.

  • 3
    Install JavaScript Snippet

    Copy and paste our Snippet into website.


Upgrade to Pro

Basic $14/m
    Unlimited websites
    Crawl once per day
    Email Support
Enterprise ASK


Can I try before I buy?

Yes! We have 15 days free trial that you could test out all features.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Can I change my plan later?


How often do you crawl our website?

We run 2 crawlers periodically -- full-site crawler or page existence checker -- to keep your index up to date. The full-site crawl happens once per day, and follows all the links at most once per second. The page existence checker send requests to URLs stored in our database at most once per second.


Contact us anytime if you have questions or comment.